1. Services


Same tutoring shared by you and your friend. It is good to see how your friend's questions get answered, to encourage and be encouraged by friend and to get lower prices.



Same tutoring shared by more clients. It is good to see how other students' questions get answered, to encourage and be encouraged by classmates and to get lower prices. 



Meet your tutor in his/her university library to study in the academic environment. Online tutoring is a time-saving option which will free you from travelling. We use Skype, Facetime, Google Docs, Hangout... for video tutoring and document sharing. The tutor can also visit your home if necessary, but you will need to pay the travelling cost.


(plus travelling cost)

Academic Background Catch Up

Especially suitable for trans/cross-disciplinary students aiming at catching up with fundamental academic framework efficiently and forming a solid background for further study. Tutoring hour calculated on basis of 10 hours per session.

see above

Distinction (70%+) contract

We provide contracted service for a distinction guarantee.

Price on Request


Exam deadline is approaching, if you need an emergent preparation for an exam, we are here to help. (The emergency tutoring starts from 5 hours. Exam date within 14 days before tutoring request falls into this category)



Double preparing from tutor makes lessons just easier to remember. Multiple spare study plans give extra safety factor. Company human resources fully used to study the past papers. Every effort makes your study easier. (The premium tutoring should be longer than 5 hours)



Our accomplished and high-level tutor help you get through the difficulties and get a satisfying mark. (The golden tutoring should be more than 5 hours)

Price on Request


Covering a wide range of subject categories with excellent tutors. Please clink the link on the right.

2. Process

1. Online Form

We will contact you within 24 hours

2. Plan Making

Initial discussion among the client, tutor and manager.

A practical progress sheet is generated.

3. Sign and Pay

Legal contract generated by our SRA regulated law society lawyer.

4. Tutoring

& Tracking

Progress sheet execution.

Manager keep tracking.

5. Feedback

Client feedback collected in each section.

Problem found and solved in time.

6. Mock Exam

Mock Exam result analysed.

Targeting revision enhanced. 

7. Exam/Deadline

Termination of service.

8. After Services

 E.g. free guidance for exam re-evaluation

9. Refund Policy

We promise to refund 20-40% of charged tutoring fee, if the student fails the exam.

3. Contact Us

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