Searching, Viewing, Managing 

For now, our Flat Services cover full rent for 9-12 months within London Zone 1-4 ONLY.

Flat Searching

Find you a flat that meets your requirements.


Flat Viewing

Provide a viewing video and a research report.

Starting at £129

Legal and Safety Checking

We check the Tenancy Agreement, Electrical, Gas and Deposit Protection Scheme.


Contract Signing

We liaise agent/landlord for you and help you sign the contract.


ALL-IN-ONE Package

This package includes all services above.


Airport Pick-up

We drive you home from airport. Single person with a luxury car, maximum three luggage.


Trouble Solving

We answer your specific questions with solution.

 From £200

Property Management

Repairs, upgrading decorations, fire-regulations, electricity and gas safety tests. Certified engineers. Click here  to know more. 

Starting at £29


Flat Search

CLEDU has Unique Database. Find your flat within 24 hours.

Flat Viewing

We test doors, windows, switches, hot water, doors, ventilation...

Legal and Safety

Avoid unfair terms in Tenancy Agreement. Keep your deposit away from unecessary risk. Refuse illegal charge. Some flats in market are NOT safe to live in. Never pay rent without checks.

Contract Signing

  • Remote deposit and rent payment. 
  • Remote signature.

Airport Pick-up

  • Luxury Jaguar vehicle. 
  • Free UK SIM card.
  • Free introduction on the way.

Trouble Solving

  • Landlord refuse to be legal.
  • Agent refuse to give receipts.
  • Landlord ask you move out.
  • Ask CLEDU.

Property Management

  • Repairing
  • Upgrading
  • Certificates
  • Safety Checks

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