"From students, to student."

Respect: We treat every person with dignity and courtesy, we are polite and we listen.

Communication: We share information appropriately, promptly and openly.

Teamwork: We are reliable, friendly and we help each other.

Accountability: We are responsible for our decisions and work professionally.

Honesty: We trust each other and are trustworthy.

Compassion: We provide care with kindness and empathy that considers and meets each individual's needs. 


"Of the students, for the students and by the students"

Our team is a mixture of students, scholars and professionals. Each past experience and steps we did through university life is a lesson that we hope for our customers not make the same mistakes. During student life we aim to help you achieve and maximise the outcomes of your goals and future steps during and after university.

In our university years, the lack of information and guidance can stress a student life. From previous experience, senior students that have been through the process can ease and help students achieve their goals. We help students to succeed in their studies by tailoring the tutoring services to each student for each specific needs.

As part of the university life, accommodation is one of the most problematic task for a student. The more time you spend in a city the more you understand the property market. We will provide the right appropriate accommodation with our recommendation so you don't need to go through all the hassle we had.

As part of the university experience, the question will arise what to do after university. We have a team that will be able to assist you on the next big step. Our experience will increase the chances of you succeeding for PhD, Master or a job application.

Faced with all the different challenges and frustration during university, we decided to create CLEDU.  

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